PFS Comes to Wilson NC!!

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PFS Comes to Wilson NC!!

Postby lumptruck » Mon Feb 01, 2021 5:24 am

Since Sundays are now free due to the unfortunate closing of Event Horizon Games and Curtis's retirement from being a Venture Agent, I will be trying to host games at two stores in my town of Wilson. I've done this once before but ultimately had a falling out due to losing core players, mainly my nephews heheh. I'll give it another shot as Wilson has two game stores, I'll keep it real limited this time to just two games a month for starters. The games will be on Sundays starting as early as the stores open. My latest news from the Gamer's Armory is that they won't be opening up the play area until maybe summer. Wilson however has opened their areas up for both stores so I can get back to GM'ing with physical materials, which is the way I prefer. I don't expect anyone from the Raleigh area to attend but if you are also sick of online games and are willing to drive 30-40 minutes for a game, I'll be there.

I'll start by running PFS2 but will run whatever the attendees care for. I'll still be doing the PFS1 game once a month online until stores open in Raleigh. My schedule plans for GA will be the same as it was before the dumb virus. Which will be two PFS2 weeks and two weeks of Tyrants Grasp.

Before I post any games to Warhorn I'll be finishing up the website's tutorial pages as I'll need the website badly to promote the games.

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